Paprika Oregano Chicken Breast and Mediterranean style Brussels Sprouts
Eat, Wild Rose D-Tox

Detox Day 4: Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Days 2 and 3 were workdays for me, but they were weekend evening shifts. When you’re the sole editor for two websites (Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun), the shift is busy but still peaceful.

Today was a regular Monday shift. And being the first day back at work after 15 days of vacation, there was lots of catching up to do, with other managers and with staff concerns.

Point is, staying on top of a meal plan in the middle of, well, life, is tricky. Planning will save your life. As will, as previously noted, leftovers.


Oatmeal with berries, almond milk and cinnamon, plus coffee.

Taking my own good advice from Saturday, I ate *before* taking Charlie out for a run. We did about 40 minutes and my legs are feeling a little less like lead. I am a bit nervous about how Saturday’s 13 kilometre run will go.

Morning snack

Today’s moveable feast included packing a Power Ball, which is what I have decided to rename my version of the Energy Bites. Had it as I got settled into the office, which is – I am somewhat ashamed to admit – normally when I would be having a Tim Horton’s Toasted Coconut donut.

I feel practically virtuous.


Green salad, with lots of toasted pumpkin seeds. IMHO, toasted pumpkin seeds elevate even the simplest of salads to fabulous. For a dressing, I mixed olive oil, lemon juice and some oregano. Counting down the days till I can use vinegar again.

Afternoon snack

I ate a WHOLE avocado. It is like going from virtuous to  wildly decadent. Then again, it is a fair and healthy exchange for the donuts I am not eating. A little salt and yum.


Despite the fact that I was home alone for dinner (Dan was off playing slo-pitch and had a quick bite before he left), I was still cooking for two. Or four. Meals, that is.  I’d pulled out some chicken breasts (bone-in) from the freezer in the morning, with the plan to barbecue. And then got home and realized I actually hate barbecuing. (Dan loves it, so why would I deny him that joy.) Therefore, I needed a new plan.

Paprika Oregano Chicken Breast: there's the rub
Paprika Oregano Chicken Breast: there’s the rub

New plan: Oven-roasted chicken in a paprika-oregano spice rub and oven-roasted Brussels sprouts with sundried tomato, garlic and fresh basil. Both of these recipes are new or fairly new to me.  Normally, we brown our Brussels in bacon fat, then braise in a bit of beef or chicken stock. But this was good — the sundried tomatoes give a nice pop of flavour and roasting vegetables always adds an extra layer of sweet.

Here are links to the chicken recipe and the brussels sprouts recipe, if you want to give them a try.

Evening snack

Herbal tea (Citrus Lavender Sage tea from Teavana)

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