Eat, Wild Rose D-Tox

Detox Day 3: Where leftovers will save your bacon. Even when there is no leftover bacon

How am I feeling? Thanks for asking.

So far, so good. I’m not hungry at all (which given the extraordinary focus on eating, is not really surprising.)  Took the dog out for a short run, which felt OK — legs still feeling dead — and Dan and I went to the gym. Focused on shoulders and arms, plus lots of stretching and foam rolling. I love foam rolling.


Fried egg in butter — because butter is allowed on this cleanse, hurray! — plus bacon and coffee. In other words, the best of Sunday morning breakfasts


Leftover vegetable fried rice. That’s the end of that particular leftover, but it held up just fine for a couple of days. Definitely a dish I’m happy to add to my regular, non-detox diet.


Carrot, celery sticks with hummus, plus cucumber slices.


Another slice of the meatloaf, this time topped with some tomato sauce that Dan had whipped up. Really good. On the side, spaghetti squash topped with the sauce. If you have never tried spaghetti squash, well, what are you waiting for! It’s easy – we cook it in the microwave, then finish it in a pan with butter, salt, pepper and sometimes oregano and / or garlic. From start to plate, it takes about 20 minutes.


I’d brought a salad for dinner, but it ended up being an evening snack. Good healthy choice, even though I really wanted something sweet. Treats are for sure going to be my weakness.

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