Energy Bites feature oats, coconut, carob chips and almond butter
Eat, Wild Rose D-Tox

Detox Day 1: Let the cooking, cleansing and detoxifying begin

OK, it’s Friday, June 10 and here we go. There is absolutely nothing complicated about day 1 on the D-Tox. You make some specific choices about what you are eating, you drink lots of water and you take the herbal supplements with breakfast and supper.

Piece of cake.

Unless, of course, there is cake in the house. Then, depending on your will-power, things can get a little tricky.


Oatmeal with a handful of frozen berries — I just toss them frozen into the pot near the end of cooking — a splash of unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon. Also, had two slices of bacon (because who says no to bacon) and one cup of black coffee.

Colour me surprised. This was better than I expected. Berries and spice lifted the dull factor of the porridge. I was using Robin Hood Large Flake Oats, and the texture is more enjoyable than steel cut oats (which also just take  way too long to cook).


Wild Rose-adapted “Energy Bite.”  This is a granola-bar type treat made with oatmeal, coconut, flax and chia seeds, carob chips, almond butter, coconut oil and vanilla, formed into a ball and frozen.

I borrowed the recipe from here. But the Internet is full of great recipes for energy balls, many of which are which easily adaptable for Wild Rose snacking. I particularly like this list of 25 recipes. Great balls of fun!

Enjoyability? Well, yum. This hit a sweet spot, for sure. However, none of my research was able to determine whether carob chips are allowed or not on the diet, so I’ll enjoy this judiciously for the next two weeks. They are also a high-calorie item (around 90 calories for the version I made). Good for energy, but be aware if you are trying to lose weight.


Vegetable-fried rice and chicken breast meat (leftovers from last night’s dinner).

The recipe for the rice again came from the Bornn Creative blog. I had some sorry looking carrots and parsnips in the fridge, which I sliced into discs, tossed in olive oil and baked in the oven till they were tender and just a bit chewy, then threw those into the fried rice with the peas and eggs. Genius.


Almonds, rice cakes and green tea. I bought some organic plain rice cakes for this venture which are a bit, well, dull to consume.


Green salad (romaine and kale, cucumber, green onions, cherry tomatoes) drizzled with a sundried-tomato flavoured olive oil.

Fish stew (cod with tomatoes, red and green peppers and onions, cooked in coconut milk), served with brown rice

The day had been beautiful and warm, so I was outdoors all day working in the garden. In late afternoon it turned grey and cool, so a one-pot meal seemed ideal. I’d passed by this fish stew recipe while pre-cleanse recipe-browsing and pulled it together in no time at all.

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