Eat, Wild Rose D-Tox

Detox Days 5, 6, 7 and 8: It’s like Groundhog Day all over again

Wake up. Coffee. Cook oatmeal. Walk dog. Prepare lunch and snacks to take to work. Damn, forgot to wash the tupperware. Wash tupperware. Stuff Lululemon bag with food and utensils. Insert full workday, workout, evening activities. Get home. Prepare meal that will get you through a late supper and tomorrow’s lunch.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

To be fair, this isn’t also what life looks like when you aren’t on cleanse. Key difference: Tim Hortons.

And, also to be honest, I feel good. I’m not going short of calories, I don’t feel weak or shaky, just a bit less energy than usual when out running.  Even the “elimination process” (sorry, that’s what this cleanse is all about) has been gentle. Other than one morning headache, it’s all good.

It’s also, as we say in the news business, not news. Ergo, one omnibus blog to finish off Week 1.


Every day: Oatmeal with berries, almond milk and cinnamon, plus coffee. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s filling. Just like the sports cliche, a win-win-win situation.

Snacks (morning or afternoon)

I rotated between this selection of snacks at work

  • Power Ball, a.k.a. Energy Bites
  • Celery, carrots and hummus
  • Almonds, sometimes mixed with a few pecans
  • Whole avocado
  • Rice cakes with almond butter
  • Apple slices with almond butter (really delicious!)

One of my revelations during these days happened whilst reading the exceptionally small fine print in the provided guide to detoxing that comes with your kit – the sentence that says “If the food is not on the recommended diet – do not eat it.”

Well. I don’t know how I missed that. Especially since it was helpfully put in bold and all caps, normally a sure-way to be noticed.

Anyway, I scoured the list for carob chips and unsweetened coconut and they are not there. Which means my wonderful little Power Balls — often the highlight of my meal plan — may not be allowed.

It’s certainly easy to get confused. Coconut milk and oil, as well as cocoa nuts and nibs are used in some recipes posted online by Wild Rose creator Terry Willard. And Ye Olde World Wide Web turns up all kinds of recipes featuring elements that may or may be on the list.

No great harm, though. They certainly gave me a lift through the first days — and if it’s a cheat, it still feels like a good, healthy one.

On a prouder note: I did not cave at the office when the tray of pastries and muffins was delivered to the newsroom, and I was mostly steadfast in the face of Candy Friday. Two gummy bears, then full-stop.

Curry, a bit spicy and delightful Cracklin' Cauliflower. Photo by Therese Kehler
Curry, a bit spicy and delightful Cracklin’ Cauliflower. Photo by Therese Kehler


Overhead in the kitchen: “I would never put in that much effort making vegetables.”

That is a direct quote from my lovely husband who, given his druthers, would just have meat for dinner.

Therefore, the good compromise is that Dan makes the protein and I do the vegetables. Here’s how it shook down this week:

  • Tuesday: Meatloaf (leftover), spaghetti squash and topped with a homemade tomato sauce.
  • Wednesday: Taco-less tacos (spiced ground beef “rolled” into romaine leaves.)
  • Thursday: Pan-fried salmon (fried in butter, so yum), TruRoots Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Blend, and Bok Choy stir-fried in chicken stock, soy-replacement (Bragg’s) and sesame oil. (The bok choy was OK, but not worth the extra effort from my usual preparation.)
  • Friday: Boneless chicken breasts cooked with sesame oil and scallions (Dan’s own recipe), leftover rice, and Cracklin’ Cauliflower — which was exceptionally awesome! It’s curried, using both curry powder and Garam Masala (I bought mine at Superstore), roasted in the oven with chopped onions and then sprinkled with green peas (frozen) at the end. It’s great. I worked off this recipe.


All the leftovers.

  • Tuesday: Baked chicken with herbs, and Mediterranean Brussels sprouts
  • Wednesday: Steak and salad, with a simple lemon juice / olive oil / oregano vinaigrette
  • Thursday: Steak and salad again
  • Friday: Salmon, rice and quinoa, Bok choy

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