An arch starting to develop in one of the big icebergs in the Twillingate main tickle, June 4, 2016. We were hiking the Jonas Trail near Little Harbour. Credit: Therese Kehler
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Breaking the ice with Greenland’s gentle giants

Icebergs, or ice mountains, are giant chunks of freshwater ice that break off the glaciers in Greenland, then move with the ocean currents until they deteriorate. Newfoundland’s iceberg season is generally spring to early summer; we were there in June and saw lots — from the highway, the hiking trails and a boat tour.

There is an online map that tracks reports of iceberg sightings along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador at, which is pretty cool. Twitter is another great way to get a glimpse at what people are seeing and photographing.

Here is a selection of photos from our trip in June 2016. Click on the photo to bring the gallery in a full-screen view.

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