THE FRENCH CHEF, Julia Child, 1962-73. photo: Paul Child

Video: The joy of cooking with Julia Child

If you are a newcomer to the exciting and eccentric world of Julia Child, watch this brilliant collection of moments from her kitchen in The French Chef, which ran for 10 years after its 1963 debut episode making boeuf bourguignon.

The show, one of the first cooking shows on television, was shot direct to video. As the result, the pace is fast, mistakes happen and Julia is ready with a smile and a quick fix. “Who is going to see?”

She whacks food, throws utensils, employs an old garage broom handle as a rolling pin, rolls her eyes at dieters, and ends every show with a wine recommendation. A “very important cake,” for example, deserved champagne.

The show was meant to instruct on the art of French cooking, but Julia teaches other important skills as well. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

As she says, “If you are going to have a sense of fear of failure then you’re never going to learn how to cook. Cooking is just one failure after another.”

I propose a toast to Julia Child. With perhaps a nice Alsation white … or a rose!

Click here to read my day’s adventure making Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon as part of my #100daysofcooking project. And here’s the post that explains what my project is all about.

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