From a bog to a blog

 Happy Adventure was one muddy trail!
Boldly going, mud be damned. Dan on the trail just outside of Happy Adventure, Nfld., in June 2016.

We were hiking a particularly muddy trail near Happy Adventure, Newfoundland, and talking about how Canada’s easternmost province was simply a swell place for adventures.

We’d walked cliff-edge paths that scared the bejeezus out of us. We witnessed the crash and roar of a calving iceberg.  And we had the most entertaining — and enlightening — conversations with the locals. (Did Winston actually say “terrorists” when talking about “tourists”? Or did something get lost in the translation from Newfinese to, you know, Canadian.)

Somewhere along that muddy trail we decided to start telling our stories. Dan’s a dang good writer, and Therese likes mucking with photos and video. And our kids will only humour us for so long.

So, from Happy Adventure we have arrived here – Road Wordy, a blog where we can tell stories of our travels, the geographical ones as well as those of the “life’s journey” genre.

Like any journey, we’re not totally sure where Road Wordy will take us. What do we hope? That some posts will make you smile. That some will inspire. And maybe some of our stories will help you in planning your own happy adventures.

In the old days, people just did slideshows. But this is more fun. Welcome to the road.

– Dan and Therese

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